Flooding is among the most frequent and costly of natural disasters. And even those who carry a flood policy on their home or business may be surprised to learn that sufficient funds to repair, rebuild, or replace contents may not be available with standard flood coverage.
You can help ensure your clients have adequate flood protection with Excess Flood Insurance from SWBC.
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Insurance Options

Properties in NFIP Participating Communities

Properties protected by most standard flood policies and also located in areas participating in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) are typically subject to limited coverage amounts. Give your clients more with Excess Flood Insurance.

Properties not Eligible for NFIP Coverage

Now your clients with properties not typically eligible for standard flood coverage—those that do not participate in NFIP or those in CBRA designated areas—can benefit with a primary flood insurance policy from SWBC.

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Who needs Excess Flood Insurance?

Eligible Property Types

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