Underwriting Guidelines for Properties in Non-Participating
Communities and CBRA-Designated Areas

Non-Participating Communities Guidelines PDF

Listed below are standard underwriting rules and regulations flood insurance covering buildings located in FEMA-designated "Non-Participating" or "Suspended Communities" and Coastal Barrier Resouces Areas. Additional plans are available to insure most any risk, so please call if you have any questions.

Eligible Risks: 1-4 Family Residential Dwellings, Individual Condominium and Townhouse Units, Commercial Buildings
Locations: 50 states
Flood Zones: All
Policy Valuation: Residential: Replacement Cost (80% coinsurance penalty) Commercial: Actual Cash Value (ACV)
Coverage: Building
Maximum Limits: Residential and Commercial: $250,000
Residential risks must be insured to a minimum of 80% of RCV
Higher Limits Available
Deductible: NPC Residential: The greater of 1% of the coverage limit or $1,000
NPC Commercial: $2,500
CBRA: Min $10,000
Elevation Difference: At or above Base Flood Elevation, if known
Prior Losses: Subject to Review
Proximity to Water: More than 1,000 ft. (for preferred rating)
Minimum Earned Premium: Residential: $300.00 Commercial: $500.00
Policy Fee: $50.00 Policy fee is fully earned at inception.
Waiting Period: Coverage will become effective 5 days following receipt of a completed and signed application and the first year premium.

The waiting period will be waived for loan closings.

For commercial and residential risks, higher limits of building coverage will be considered.

Risks that do not meet the above Underwriting requirements will be submitted to Underwriters for approval and rating.

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