Properties in NFIP Participating Communities

Most standard flood insurance policies which protect properties located in areas participating in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) typically only provide coverage up to $250,000 for residential property or up to $500,000 for commercial property. You can ensure that additional funds will be available when your clients need it with Excess Flood Insurance from SWBC. This important coverage provides:

  • Funds to rebuild properties valued above NFIP limits
  • Funds to replace stand-alone contents valued above NFIP limits
  • Money for additional living expenses when the primary residence is covered
  • Protection against business interruption when a commercial property is insured
Higher limits
SWBC’s Excess Flood Insurance can be written over a standard NFIP policy. Subject to our policy endorsements, this “follow form” coverage will follow the terms of the primary policy.
  • Excess building coverage is available up to $5 million.
  • Excess contents coverage is available up to $2 million in most states, or up to $1 million for properties located in Florida.
  • Higher limits for buildings and/or content can also be accommodated. Please call 866-679-5782 for this coverage.
  • View the underwriting guidelines
Applying is easy
  • Become a registered agent today and begin offering SWBC Flood and Excess Flood Insurance immediately. Apply now
  • Already a registered agent? Login now to submit an application for coverage for your client(s). You’ll need a copy of the declarations page from the primary flood policy and an elevation certificate, if available.
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